RMDS Score Check

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RMDS Scores can be checked online. This is your opportunity to see how you are doing and to make sure your scores are accurately recorded. You can also contact the Central Office with questions or to get the latest update on your scores.

Check Your Scores Now

All corrections must be made by October 3, 2017 with the RMDS Central Office.  No changes will be made after that time.

Do you want to earn a year-end award with RMDS??

Be sure you have done the following & it shows on your 2017 RMDS membership card:

1. Score check to  be sure all scores are entered and credited to you and your horse
2. Adult Amateurs:  Your USEF 2017 Adult Amateur card must be on file at the RMDS Central Office
3. Pony owners: Be sure your membership card has “Pony” listed under your horse’s breed
4. Your birthdate is on file for the age related awards.