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RMDS Year End Awards

USDF Awards

USDF has a variety of awards programs. The names listed on the following pages are the RMDS riders who have earned the scores required for their medals. Each medal has a different set of requirements and the scores to earn these medals may be collected over a lifetime and many different horses.

The USDF Musical Freestyle Rider Award can only be awarded after a rider has earned the corresponding regular USDF Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals. A rider can earn a freestyle bar in the same year as they earn the corresponding regular medal.

Note: If you believe your name should be listed, please contact the Central Office with the appropriate details.

Gold Medalists

Silver Medalists

Bronze Medalists

USDF Musical Freestyle

The Dressage Foundation Century Club

The Century Club recognizes dressage riders and horses whose combined age totals 100 years or more. Horse and rider perform a Dressage test of any level, at a dressage show or event, and are scored by a Dressage judge or professional.

  • 2002 Virginia Wegner – MHR Handsome “Sam”
  • 2006 Mary A. Towsley – Zico
  • 2008 Carriellen DeMuth – Arc
  • 2010 Cynthia Dunoyer – Casanova
  • 2010 Jane Rutledge – Gandalf the Grey
  • 2010 Virginia Wegener – RT Loki
  • 2015 Janet Wingate – Narcisco Caballeroso
  • 2016 Judith Judd – Zorso
  • 2016 Kris Cooper – Sage
  • 2016 Susan Becker – Geppetto
  • 2016 Alice Hoffner – Bo
  • 2017 Beth Geier – Matador
  • 2018 Nadine Beech – Fhallko
  • 2018 Cicily Harman – RC Proud Shania
  • 2018 Virginia Wegner – Solvieg
  • 2019 Elaine Thomas – Forest
  • 2019 Jane Worrall – Solo Flight
  • 2020 Sharon Measell – Heza Scorpio
  • 2021 Mary Stack – Cary
  • 2021 Susan Becker – Alaric

Contact the RMDS Central Office if you have completed your ride.