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Welcome to the RMDS Volunteer Hub!  We are so glad you landed on this page and hope you will get involved in our club by volunteering!  The driving force behind the sport of dressage and RMDS is our many amazing volunteers!  If you are new to the organization it is a great way to connect with our community and learn at the same time.

Just about any age or experience level can find a job to do in our sport. If you have never volunteered, don’t let that discourage you – you will be trained for your task at the event and there are several resources under the Guide to Horse Show Jobs to learn how you can get involved.

If you show and want to qualify for awards, you need to donate a minimum of 4 hours of volunteer time to qualify for awards.  See details by clicking the Recording Volunteer Hours link.

Looking for a local event to volunteer at as an announcer, equipment checker, steward, scribe, or any other position?  Several shows have made signing up easy by using the system for you to pick the job and time best for you. See the link to Volunteer Opportunities.

Also you can go to and pick an event. Contact the volunteer coordinator listed next to the activity for information about volunteering.  Either way show volunteer coordinators will be happy you contacted them!

Volunteer Opportunities – Link to Sign Ups

7 Reasons to Volunteer

Guide to Horse Show Jobs

Recording Volunteer Hours

Take a moment and have a look at our Volunteer Photo Gallery!
Without our volunteers, we would not exist as an organization and we would not be able to host the many events on our calendar.  We thank you all for your tireless commitment to the mission of RMDS.  Most of all, we appreciate that you did your job with a smile.
Thanks to volunteers who came out in bad weather, drove many miles to their assignment, and never let us down. Our volunteers are a special group of people.  We appreciate your desire to give back and serve others so that we can continue to grow as a community.
RMDS salutes all of our volunteers with this photo gallery of them at work!  If you see someone you know in our photo gallery,  please contact them and THANK THEM! Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of all our volunteers, which range in the hundreds each year, so if you are not included in the photo gallery, please know that you are very much included in this tribute.
If you have not had a chance to volunteer yet, check out the photo gallery so you can see what our volunteers are up to and please join us as we look to 2024. We will work with you to accommodate your schedule.  We will gladly show you the ropes. Volunteer opportunities are posted on our RMDS Calendar.

Amber Bensen, Grand Valley Dressage Society
Amber Bensen
Beth Geier and Sally O’Dwyer
Barbara Progress and grandaughter, Jemma Bair
Janeen Cochi
Courtney Turner
Dorothy Kapaun
Elijah Sarvoca
Beth Nicholsen
Cynthia Collins
Eleanor Harrison and Lisa Battan
Judi DeVore
Kathleen Messinger and Barbara Progress
KC Parkins-Kyle
Krista Nobilo
Lora Heller
Emily Mesthos
Gedeon LaFarge
Gwen Ka’awaloa
Caroline Cheval, Karen Whitman, and Audrey Allen
Nadia Westra
Paul Chinowski
Sally O’Dwyer
Sharon Roper
Stan Adamson, Nicole Donohue, and Jennifer Armbrecht
Heather Petersen
Sarah Barnes
Tricia Blaikie and Jess Schuering
Kathleen Messinger and Megan Bretey at a ride-a-test
Tricia Blaikie and Destiny Anderson