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Recording Your Volunteer Hours

The RMDS Volunteer Hours Recording Form is available here.

Not sure how to check your recorded hours? Download this page on how to use your RMDS Login to check the number of hours that have been recorded for you!

Notes on Volunteer Activities that count towards hours / year end awards:

A volunteer is somebody who does not receive monetary remuneration when volunteering at RMDS or Chapter recognized events. If you are paid, you are not a volunteer. Time spent in Chapter or RMDS meetings is considered participation in the organization, not volunteering.

Examples of Volunteer Activities that Count:

  • All unpaid positions working at RMDS and Chapter recognized events (such as show and clinics) are considered volunteer time and should be reported. Examples of volunteer activities are scribes, runners, arena stewards, etc. Please be sure to specify with the Volunteer Coordinator if you are volunteering for another RMDS member.
  • Committee meetings for actively working on specific topics such as shows or other events are considered volunteer hours.
  • Time spent working on your position in preparing for a chapter or RMDS meeting (ie: Financial management, meeting setup and minutes, etc) are considered volunteer hours, just not the time in the actual Chapter or RMDS meeting.
  • Writing articles for publication in RMDS Centaur
  • Recruiting sponsorships for RMDS and RMDS Championships
  • Participating in RMDS fundraising efforts (ex: instructors who donate lessons for RMDS fundraisers)

You may also donate to the USDF Region 5 FEI Jr/YRs to fulfill your hours.