May 2021 USDF Region 5 Update

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Competitions are finally back in full swing for Region 5 and educational programs are a go!  Life is starting to become a bit more normal.  Auditors are still limited, as are spectators at competitions, but we moving forward.

Our USDF Executive Board Spring meetings are coming up next week as I write this.  We are hopefully doing just one more year of Spring meetings on Zoom and then perhaps returning to in-person gatherings. I miss meeting with everyone face-to-face and sharing ideas, meals, walks and just time working for our sport.

The prize list is now out for the Great American USDF Region 5 Championships being held September 16-19 at HIPICO Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  There is a great panel of officials and a wonderful central location for our region.  I hope you consider joining us as either competitors or volunteers.  We are still working on a venue for 2022 in a respectable time frame (September/October), but there are a couple of options that are coming to light so hopefully we will have good news for you soon.

The deadline for Participating Member Delegate nominations was April 15. Our region will have 4 PM delegates for the 2021 USDF Convention in Houston, Texas December 1-4. Our 4 nominees for the PM delegates are Joan Clay, Cecilia Cox, Sarah Lindsten and Sarah Martin. Please be sure to vote in the election for our nominees in June.  Many thanks to Dorothy Kapaun, our nominating chair, for your hard work!

As of May 12th, our potential candidates for the 2021 FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships August 9-15 in Travers City, Michigan will be finalized.  As I write this, we have 9 riders who have declared (7 Juniors and 2 Young Riders). If you would like to contribute or help with their fundraising efforts, please contact Joan Clay, our Region 5 Jr/YR FEI coordinator at or 970-420-0877.  This competition is a reasonable distance for us to travel by trailer, which makes things much more feasible, but we still need your help in order to be able to. If you’re a rider, PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO TURN IN YOUR DECLARATIONS!

I hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

If you have news you’d like to share, please let me know, we’re happy to get it out and about for you.

Happy Spring!

Till next month!

Heather Petersen

Region 5 Director